VEXAVIT provides solutions for markets that require a special attention: these markets are affected by significant and complex problems that we see not as an obstacle but as a large opportunity, for which we have suitable high-technology solutions, strong access and a customizable ecosystem. We pursue tailored business strategies that address the needs of each of our chosen target market and that have been planned in detail through comprehensive and specific cases, suitable for different type of investments.


Innovative sensors at the highest medical standards

Telemedicine is one of the largest and fastest-growing areas worldwide and offers a great potential in optimising medical care. Data collected in the patient's private environment is obtained over a longer period of time and, in addition to real-time monitoring, provides improved diagnostics and therapy by supplying detailed information about the course of the disease. Our innovative sensors measure ECG, heart rate, heart rate variability, respiratory rate, position, movement and temperature, opening up a wide range of applications. They meet the highest standards in terms of data protection, quality and reliability.


Safety and assistance for when you’re on the road

One of Vexavit’s goals is to make people safer even when they are travelling in a vehicle of any type. Thus, Vexavit Automotive has planned live monitoring systems to be fitted to vehicles (both in Motorsport and general transportation), to improve the safety of people driving on the roads. Thanks to these dedicated systems, drivers and passengers can immediately be assisted whenever an emergency occurs, enabling rescue to rely on dedicated information and detailed analysis of the event. The improvement of safety checks for travellers benefits everyone, speeds up the analysis of the relevant situation and positively affects ancillary costs for insurance and health.


A wide scope of application

The Safety & Security Business Unit is focused on B2B projects related to the modeling and monitoring of complex systems, such as critical infrastructures and man-made environments, as well as dealing with security sector workers and providing for them a representation of risk scenarios connected to their activities. The scope of application covers defense, blue light emergency and critical infrastructure sectors.


Wearable technology for improved performance and wellbeing

The Consumer & Sports Business Unit offers wearable technologies and applications to support people in many areas related to wellbeing, sports and mental health. The technology system is based on smart microelectronic sensors, advanced algorithms and application services that enable the training, monitoring and analyzing of vital science parameters, with a strong focus on breathing. Our current work on wellbeing aims at reducing stress symptoms, improve individual mindfulness and gain back energy, whereas work on mental health is dedicated to enhancing focusing and concentration capacities and Sport Performance targets breathing analysis, training and improvement.


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